Thanks to our 2015-2016 Directors!

You, too, can become a Director by making a donation of $250-$499,
and/or in-kind assistance to the Arts Council’s Annual Fund Drive or programs.

John & Penny Blane

Bob & Saundra Kilijian

George & Sarah Byars

Peter & Margaret Macdonald
In Memory of Marshall Butler

Jerry & Jane Chapman

Peggy Mullins

David & Trish Collins

Brenda M. Orten

Lee & Meagan Conrad

Jerry Orten at Jerry’s Express Car Wash

Vickie Cotthoff

Planters Bank
In Honor of Pennyroyal Arts Council

John & Julia Crenshaw

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Riggs

William G. Deatherage, Jr.

Dr. Ben & Carolyn Self

Eddie & Jody Dorris

Dr. James & Betty Stanton

Ben Fletcher

C. Thomas & Cheryl Steiner

Drs. Ken & Karen Dougherty

Steve & Shelly Tribble
In Memory of Bill Bruce & Bill Williams

David & Pam Hale
In Memory of Bill Bruce

Betty Pace Turner
In Memory of Warren L. Turner & Lee Turner

Nancy & Ron Holzer

Dr. & Mrs. Joe Vance

Hopkinsville Rotary

Ms. Tracey Williams & Mr..Hanson Williams,
Tracey Carter Williams & William Hanson Williams II

Horn Real Estate

Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
In Memory of Bill Williams Mark & Jane Wells

Dan & Henrietta Kemp
In Honor of Pennyroyal Arts Council