If you’re looking for a venue that is rich with charm and functionality, then the Alhambra Theatre is the place for your next performance or private event! The historic theatre recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation, involving a second story lobby expansion and additional performance space in 2018 for its 90th anniversary year. Located in Hopkinsville, our rental facilities are conveniently located in the heart of downtown. Schedule a time to visit us and book a venue that is sure to impress your audience!

Facilities Price List 2019

Theatre Seating Chart

Techical Specs

Alhambra Event Rental Contract


The Theatre

  • 650-seat auditorium, a studio theatre and stage
  • Complimentary use of  back of house dressing rooms, green room, restrooms and kitchen
  • Complimentary sound included: up to two live microphones, access to CD player, one on-stage monitor mix
  • Complimentary light included:  full stage wash, basic blue, red and no color–simple background color available
  • Complimentary access to Technical Director for performances
  • Complimentary parking

Images of The Theatre


The Hall

    • 80-seat venue
    • Complimentary Wi-fi
    • Complimentary use of projector, screen, sound system and microphone
    • Complimentary use of tables and chairs
    • Complimentary parking
    • Access to Assistant Executive Director
    • Access to full service bar
    • Access to full service event manager

Images of The Hall

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