Arrive Early

  • You must be in your seat for the play to start on time.
  • The lights in the theater will dim as a signal that the play is about to start.

Be quiet during the play

  • Do not talk.
  • Do not unwrap candy.
  • Do not make noise.
  • You have a responsibility in live performance to the performers and to the rest of the audience.

Silence your electronics

  • Make sure these items are turned off or set on ‘silent’ during the show:
    • cell phones
    • watches
    • beepers.

Stay in your seat

  • Audience members must stay seated during the performance.
  • Audience members may stand only for an emergency.
  • If you absolutely must leave, do so at a break or during applause.
  • You should only re-enter the theatre at a break.

No recording or photos!

  • Recording is NOT ALLOWED. This includes all photography, video or audio recordings.
  • Such recording is illegal as well as annoying!


  • If the play is very long, there will be an intermission, or short break, in the middle.
  • You may stand and talk during intermission.
  • Bathrooms can be very crowded, so take the shortest break possible.
  • You must be back in your seat before intermission ends and the play resumes.

Be courteous

  • Wait patiently at the ticket booth, the exit, the restroom, etc.
  • Intermission time is limited—be quick.

Observe ALL rules

  • Theatre rules are for the safety and well-being of the audience and the performers.
  • Respect ALL rules and policies!

After the performance

  • If you think the play was good, applaud enthusiastically.
  • If you think a performance was truly outstanding, stand and applaud loudly (“standing ovation”).
  • If you did not like it, sit quietly in your seat until you can leave.